Ayurveda Treatments

Yogaveda offers the following Ayurvedic treatments:

Consultation / Introduction interview

A discussion about the current state of health, determination of the Ayurvedic type according to the three bio-energies:
1. Vata,
2. Pitta,
3. Kapha,

Nutrition and health advice, ayurvedic treatment recommendations adapted to your own special type.

€ 45,-/ ca. 60 minuten


Nasal therapy with oil. A cleansing method that can eliminate all blockages in the head. The cavities/channels are opened by a special treatment. A particularly good treatment for all disorders in the head, such as nose, ear, neck, nasal sinus and middle ear infections, migraine ...

€ 34,-/ 45 minuten


Forehead oiling, with warm oil flowing continuously over the forehead. This treatment restores a balance between the two halves of the brain and thus in the body. Highly recommended for sleep disorders, restlessness, chronic headaches, tinnitus and depression caused by stress and restlessness. If desired, you can use a previous head and / or facial massage.

€ 40,-/ 30 minuten
€ 45,-/ 45 minuten

- The indicated treatment times include a rest period of approx. 5 minutes, depending on the intensity -


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