AcroYoga combines the spiritual wisdom of yoga with the dynamic power of acrobatics and the goodness of the Thai massage.


These three old teachings form the foundation for a unique process that builds on trust and connect with eachother, and through its playfulness brings fun back into our lives.

It's based on giving and taking, respecting and accepting. You learn about yourself and each other. Because both yogis are connected to each other through Acroyoga, the relationship between two partners is deepened. Whether you know yourself beforehand or not, whether it's your partner in life, your friend or a person unknown to you.

The support and mutual attachment of the Acro partners also leads to a profound knowledge about themselves.

Acroyoga helps to solve fears, develops strength, awakens our inner child and shows you new ways of communication.

The combination of the three disciplines of yoga, acrobatics and the Thai-massage enable us to move gracefull, with ease and have fun:

1. Acrobatic Solar Practice

The acrobatic solar practice is powerful. No matter what level you start, it improves your physical abilities, strengthens confidence in yourself and others.

Through teamwork and mutual support and help (Basing / Flying / Spotting), actobatics become safe and is incredibly fun to do.


3. Yoga practice

The Yoga practice combines body, mind and soul, unifying Solar and Lunar.

The wisdom of yoga helps us to approach the practice of the Solar and Lunar Acroyoga with humility, love and devotion. Yoga helps us to prepare our bodies, our breathing and the mind.

The influence of yoga will affect our choices, our actions, our body postures and will influence the way we breathe.


2. Healing Lunar Practice

The Healing Lunar Practice includes massage, therapeutic flying and partner yoga. Here there is mutual giving and taking.

In therapeutic flying, each person is once a base and once a flyer. Through this we develop love, self-love and goodness.

We work with the healing energy of life force - Prana

Impression of AcroYoga

This video will give you a good impression of AcroYoga and the combination of Yoga, Acrobatics and Thai-massage. 

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